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Mushroom Burger

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Total time: 16 minutes

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Serves 4

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5.2 grams of fibre per serving

This recipe may contain common and less common allergens, such as soy / dairy products / wheat / eggs / nuts / shellfish.


4 pcs - Mushrooms, portabella, stalks removed

4 tsp - Oil, canola

1 dash - Salt, table

1 pinch - Pepper, black

1 pc - Garlic, clove, minced

4 pcs - Bread Rolls, hamburger or hot dog, whole wheat, slice in half

4 slice - Cheese, brie (cracker-size)

2 leaves - Lettuce, green, cut into half

1 pc - Small tomato, Roma, slice into 1 cm thick

4 slice - Onions, raw, thinly sliced

4 tb - Mayonnaise, low sodium, low calorie or diet

2 tb - Catsup, low sodium

4 slice - Pickles, cucumber, sweet, low sodium, thinly sliced


Chopping board, Knife, Grilling pan


1. Mix canola oil and garlic in a bowl.

2. Brush the mushroom with oil and garlic mixture and season with salt and pepper.

3. Heat a grill pan over medium heat. Add the mushroom and grill until tender, about 5-7 minutes on each side. Set aside.

4. To assemble the buns, spread one side with low-calorie mayo and another side with low sodium ketchup then, layer up with lettuce, tomato, grilled mushroom, onion, pickles and cheese. Serve.


1 serving = about 229g

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Energy (kcal)


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Carbs (g)


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Proteins (g)


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Fats (g)


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Fibre (g)


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